The overall research work focuses on various aspects of cybersecurity, including information content se curity analysis, Internet of Things (IOT) security, wireless network security, mobile security, large data mining and analysis, and cryptography, etc., aiming to build a close connection between the fund amental theories of information security and the major demands of national information security.
       In r esearch projects, we focus our attention on the project guides of cybersecurity from Ministry of Scie nce and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Development and Reform Commiss ion office of central leading group of cybersecurity, etc., and apply suitable projects with necessary cooperation.
       Our research group has also got funding for fundamental research from NSFC insecurity threat sit uation perception, privacy protection, content security, energy internet, etc. Based on the research output, we have won a series of prizes, such asthe Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (First Prize), tw o Cryptography science and technology progress awards (Third Prize), China Production and Research Cooperatio n Innovation Achievement Award (First Prize), China Electronics Society Science and Technology Progress Awar d (Second Prize). Meanwhile, our research group has published a variety of research papers in many internatio nal and national authorized journals, such as Physica A、IEEE Trans. On Mobile Computing、IEEE Trans. On Inf ormation Forensics and Security、Neurocomputing、IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CYBERNETICS、IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMU NICATIONS, as well as a series of teaching and research books.