The cyberspace security discipline is an engineering field that emphasizes practical innovation. It requires an innovative personnel training environment and a hierarchical personnel development scheme.
         1) Establish a diversified, practical and innovative engineering personnel training environment
         Aiming at the characteristics of wide coverage and rapid knowledge updating in network security, we adopt a large number of practical projects in the process of student training. During the construction and application of innovative platforms, students’ innovative thinkingis cultivated and trained so that students can form their own thinking, independent analysis and self-solving habits. In addition, students are exercised to use new technology to design and implement various security related applications and thus they can provide services in national defense, important information systems and various security enterprises.
         2) Clarify the requirements for hierarchical, professional personnel training         The requirements of the cybersecurity professionals in the information society are multi-faceted. Aiming at China’s “national cyberspace sovereignty” maintenance, we focus on the high-end professional training with master and doctorate degrees.
        a) Undergraduate study: practical personnel training. Students are trained to comprehensively use the fundamental theory and knowledge in cybersecurity to analyze and solve practical engineering problems.
        b) Mater study: designing personnel training. Students are trained to participate in the product design and development in cybersecurity and to solve complex engineering problems. They are able to engaged in analysis, design, development, and management jobs for fundamental research, application research, crucial technology and systems in cyberspace
        c) Doctorate study: Strategic personnel training. Students are trained to discover the cutting-edge problems in cyberspace security and to explore and solve the problems. They are able to engaged in the design, development or management jobs in various complex security systems. In addition, they can provide innovative contributions in some areas such as a variety of cryptographic algorithms for various cyberspace security infrastructures, high level security agreements, information content security management, etc. Hence, the top design capability of China 's cyberspace security is improved.