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Name: Weidong Qiu

Title: Professor

OfficeSoftware building, Room 5202

Office Phone86-21-34205020



Shanghai JiaoTong University

800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai 200240, China



Brief Introduction

(Education,Work experience,etc.)


1. Ph.D. Degree.  Feb., 1998 to Jun., 2002, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Major in Computer software.

2. Master 7Degree.  Sep., 1995 to Feb., 1998, Master Degree, Institute of information security&privacy, Xidian University, Major in Cryptography,.

3. Bachelor Degree.  Sep., 1991 to Jul., 1995, Department of Mathematics, Xidian University , Applied Mathematics bachelor of science.

Employment and Research History  

² Apr.,2004~Present, Professor, School of Information Security Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, P.R.China.   

² Nov.,2001~Jan.,2004, Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Communication Systems, Hagen University, German. 


Research Interests

1. Applied cryptography

2. Cryptanalysis 

3. Computer forensics

4. Big data security 


Awards and Honors

1. New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education

2. First prize of Shanghai scientific and technological progress

3. Program of Shanghai Technology Research Leader

4. Top ten National Excellent Teacher of Cyberspace Seciurity



² Modern Cryptography


² Advanced Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols

Selected Publications

1. Weidong QiuBozhong Liu, Xiaoming Tang, Protecting Lightweight Block Cipher Implementation in Mobile Big Data Computing: A GPU-based Approach, Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 2016

2. WeidongQiu,Zheng Gong, Yidong Guo,Bozhong Liu, Xiaoming Tang,  GPU-Based High Performance Password Recovery  Technique for Hash Functions, Journal of Information Science and Engineering,2016

3. Zheng Gong,Shusheng Liu, Yamin Wen, Yiyuan Luo, Weidong Qiu, Biclique Cryptanalysis Using Balanced Complete Bipartite Subgraphs, SCIENCE CHINA(Information Sciences), 2016

4. Fanfu Zhu, Ruhui Ma, Jian Li, Lixia Chen, Weidong Qiu, Haibin Guan, Optimizations for High Performance Network Vituralization, Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2016

5. Kaihao Chen, Xiaoming Tang, Peng Xu, Man Guo, Guangpeng Song, Weidong Qiu, An Improved Automatic Search Method for Differential Trails in TEA Cipher, International Journal of Network Security, 2016.

6. Bozhong Liu, Weidong Qiu, Lin Jiang, Gong Zheng, Software Pipelining for GPU Acceleration: Partition, Scheduling and Granularity, International Journal of High Performance Computing Application, 2016

7. Qu Ling-yan, Guo Jie, Xu Peng*, Qiu Wei-dong, Person Re-Identification based on PS Model and Multi-Features, 2015 International Conference on Computer Application and Information Science,2015

8. Bozhong Liu, Ling Chen, Chunyang Liu, Chengqi Zhang and Weidong Qiu,RCP Mining: Towards the Summarization of Spatial Co-location Patterns,International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases 2015

9. Bozhong Liu, Weidong Qiu, Automatic Search of Threshold Implementations of 4-Bit S-boxes Resisting DPA, Chinese Journal of Electronics, 2015

10. Yuheng Yuan, Zhenzhong he, Zheng Gong, Weidong Qiu, “Acceleration of AES encryption with OpenCL”, 2014 Ninth Asia Joint Conference on Information Security, pp,64-70, 2014.

11. Weidong Qiu, Run Zhu, Jie Guo, Xiaoming Tang, Bozhong Liu and Zheng Huang,“A New Approach to Multimedia Files Carving”,BIBE 2014,  Boca Raton, FL, USA, 2015.

12. Weidong Qiu,Su Qian, Bozhong Liu, Research on iOS Data Recovery Rate using Low Level NAND Image, IEEE Security&Privacy, 2013

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15. Kai Sun, Bozhong Liu, Xiaoming Tang, Weidong Qiu,Efficient Hybrid-Pipeline Implementation Of AES Algorithm On FPGA 2013 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Automation Engineerin, CSAE2013, 2013

16. Qiu weidong, Zheng Gong, Bozhong Liu, Yu Long, Kefei Chen, “Restrictive partially blind signature for resource-constrained information systems”, Knowledge and Information Systems, 2011

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18. Bozhong Liu, Zheng Gong, Weidong Qiu, “On the Security of 4-bit Involutive S-boxes for Lightweight Designs”, ISPEC2011,2011.

19. Guo, Jie; Qiu, Weidong; Li, Ping Fragile watermarking scheme withpixel-level localizationSource: Communications in Computer and Information Science, v 228 CCIS, n PART 5, p 109-115, 2011, Applied Informatics and Communication - International Conference, ICAIC 2011, ProceedingsAugust 20, 2011

20. Weidong Qiu, Bozhong Liu, Shaopei Shi, An Impeaching System Based on Bit Commitment with Revocable Anonymity”, iTAP 2010

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