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Post: Professor, doctoral tutor

Contact number: 021-34205415


Office address: The Minhang campus Telecommunications Group No. 1 on the third floor of the building of information security engineering

Jiang Xinghao, Ph.D., Professor, doctoral tutor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, vice president of information security engineering, information technology of content analysis of National Engineering Laboratory for Youth Academic backbone, deputy director of the Shanghai research on comprehensive management of information security technique laboratory. In the education for new century excellent talents, Shanghai City Star Science and Technology Talents Scheme etc.. Third-prize won the first prize of Ministry of education, science and technology progress of 1, Shanghai city science and technology progress prize two, 2 Shanghai city about 1 results in decision-making consultation. Shanghai Jiao Tong University second "Kaiyuan ten teachers" (2012).

Graduated from the Zhejiang University Department of electronics and Information Engineering Department of Electronic Science and technology, ph.d.. In March 2003 entered the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of information security engineering work. From May 2006 to 2007 11 months, seconded to the Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau, the overall planning and design for World Expo operation information system. In 2011 the United States Polytechnic University of New Jersey (New Jersey Institute of Technology) Department of electrical and computer engineering, visiting a year abroad, and Professor Yun-qing Shi (IEEE Fellow) to cooperate in the work of image and video content on forensics. The main research areas of Internet content security, intelligent video content understanding and network communication control, multimedia forensics analysis technology tamper detection technique, the network protocol analysis.

IEEE is a member of the Institute of signal processing and IEEE. In the domestic and abroad published more than 60 papers, which were SCI, EI and other authoritative retrieval journals included more than 40 times. Won the national invention patent 15, software copyright registration 5. Presided over a number of important research projects, including 863 projects, 973 projects, natural science foundation of China, 's Doctoral Fund of Ministry of education of Shanghai City, the international academic exchange and cooperation projects, science and technology support program, an important research task unit etc..

At present the undergraduate degree courses "computer communication network", a graduate degree course "digital image processing" course, "PKI technology and application".

In recent years under the auspices of the representative of scientific research project:

1) of National Natural Science Fund Project: Research on the key technology of video semantic interaction behavior detection model of the target (61272439), 820 thousand, 2013.01-2016.12, responsible person;

2) of National Natural Science Fund Project: Research on video content classification algorithm based on feature fusion and exchange critical audio semantic space, based on (61071153), 380 thousand, January 2011 - December 2013, the person in charge of;

3) Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education (Master Class) topic: Research on the key technology of passive forensics tamper video content frame (20120073110053), 120 thousand, 2013.01-2015.12, responsible person;

4) Shanghai Municipal Science and technology innovation action plan of international academic cooperation projects: video content tampering with pattern recognition technology research (12510708500), 300 thousand, 2012.10-2014.09, responsible person;

5) the national 973 Project: Based on social network analysis and dissemination of information (2013CB329603), issue three, 4 million 200 thousand, 2013.01-2017.12, second;

6) the National 863 Project: research and Realization of network video monitoring system of covert channel based on tags (2009AA01z407), 910 thousand, 2009.12010.6, responsible for the issue;

7) of National Natural Science Fund Project: Research on technology of network video transmission control information (60702042), 220 thousand, 2008.12010.12, responsible for the issue;