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Position: Professor tutor of doctoral students

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Office address: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Li Jianhua, Ph.D., Professor (grade two), doctoral tutor, born in May 1965. The current Dean of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of information security engineering, executive vice president of Shanghai Jiao Tong University of electronic information and Electrical Engineering Institute, director of information content analysis technology National Engineering Laboratory, director of network information security monitoring and management service engineering research center of Ministry of education, honorary director of the Shanghai Key Laboratory of network security management technology, deputy director of China Cyberspace Security Association Deputy Director of the information security, the Ministry of Education Teaching Guidance Committee, the Shanghai Information Network Security Management Association, vice chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Informatization Training Association, director of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of commercial cipher, China computer society, China password learn senior member; "" Journal of network information security consultant, "information and communication security" journal editors, "Journal of" information security, information security < Journal "editorial board as chairman, in many international (Chairman) and the special report for several international journal editors and reviewers, and the academic committee laboratory served as China Telecom mobile security system of National Engineering Laboratory Academic Committee of secret communication key Committee, member of the academic committee of the Ministry of public security information security laboratory. The 2000 was a former state of "ten. Five" 863 Program of information security technology expert group chief expert / management experts, the National 863 Program of information security industry base (Eastern, Western and central) overall Expert Committee of experts, the State Council national e-government pilot demonstration project group of experts, expert group, Chinese E-government standardization overall the members of the Committee of experts, the national information security standard of the State Secrecy Bureau experts and the state information security application demonstration project, S219 two phase of the overall team leader, Shanghai Municipal Informatization Committee of experts, Shanghai City experts, the State Secrecy Bureau Shanghai World Expo security consulting experts, experts of Shanghai, Shanghai city level computer protection triple play expert group 2012 other duties, served as the National 863 Program theme of modern transportation technology experts.

Professor Li Jianhua, who led the development of the "ten. Five" National 863 Program of information security technology development strategy planning, created in 2000 by the National 863 Program of information security talent training base, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of information security engineering, 2015 by the central Network Information Office approved the construction of space network security personnel training base of national pilot units, in 2009 by the national development and Reform Commission approved the construction of information technology led by the National Engineering Laboratory, in 2007 by the national certification and Accreditation Committee has approved the construction of information security detection, inspection, measurement of qualification of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Information Service Technology Research Laboratory, 2006 by the Ministry of Education approved the construction of information security management and service of the Ministry of education engineering technology research center, established in 2002 in Shanghai city comprehensive management information security technology research the Key Laboratory of important academic scientific research base. In 2001 95, led the national Ministry of science and technology fifteen major science and technology projects, the state information security application demonstration project (S219) phase, the two phase of the project, for our country government online project safety, information security management, financial information security system has actively explored and achieved fruitful research results, and presided over the / in 863, more than 40 national natural science fund, research programs and other research projects, independent innovation developed integrated network security management system, content filtering system, high-speed computer remote control system, network security isolation and data exchange system, network public opinion monitoring system, comprehensive information security training system etc. with independent intellectual property rights scientific research achievements, and in the national defense, e-government, key national news website was successfully used, significant social and economic benefits. 248 papers, edited 16 monographs and textbooks, the application of national technology invention more than 100 patents, authorized more than 70 norms of national and industry standards / 5. 2005 was the two national science and technology progress award 1; in the direction of information security management, network attack, network security management and other results obtained were 2003, 2004, 2013 Shanghai Municipal Science and technology progress award 3; in 2004, 2005, 2008 won the two prize of Shanghai science and Technology Progress Award in 2008 3; information security public service achievements won the first prize of Ministry of education, science and technology progress 1; 2011, 2013 by the State Password Administration Bureau of science and technology progress third-prize 2, 2001 third-prize national defense science and technology 1. In 1997, Shanghai won the first prize of excellent teaching achievements in 1998 won the two prize of national excellent teaching achievements, in 2009 won the first prize of excellent teaching achievement of Shanghai, presided over the Shanghai course of "comprehensive practice" teaching of information security course. In 2002 was named the first city of Shanghai and IT of ten new State Council young experts with outstanding contributions of the special allowance from 2003, Shanghai municipal education system Wei outstanding communist party members, in 2004 selected the first batch of "national new century talents project" in the first second levels, and was named the second session of the Shanghai Youth Science and technology excellence, in 2007 by the famous American Information Safety Agency (ISC) 2 as Asia's most influential professional information security leaders, selected in 2008 Shanghai city outstanding academic leaders, selected in 2009 ten of the Eleventh Shanghai Municipal Science and technology elite, 1995 selected Shanghai new Long March, 1998 in Shanghai city of basic scientific research personnel of special allowance, in 1999 was named the outstanding youth of Shanghai teachers in Shanghai city in 2002, Xuhui District ten outstanding youth.